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The combination of two or more modes of transport for the delivery of goods is called intermodal or multimodal transportation. They have already become extremely widespread and continue to move victoriously in the market of freight forwarding services. More and more shippers understand that it is much more profitable to entrust the entire logistics process to one professional operator than to contract independently various carriers, warehouse owners, cargo handling contractors.

The logistics process can start already at the consignor’s warehouse (he does not need to deliver the goods to the station, port or airport), and end – at the consignee’s facility. This principle of delivery is called “door to door”, and its presence among the offered services is an indicator of the work of the forwarder to modern quality standards.

Vedtransservis” achieves the reducing the cost and the accelerating the delivery of cargo In the organization of multimodal transportation for its customers due to:

  • availability of a large volume of orders placed with shipping companies;
  • professional staff who need less time to perform certain operations;
  • ability to route from any place of Eurasia to any place of Eurasia;
  • ensuring the best connection between the schedules of different modes of transport (international shipping lines and container trains);
  • direct contacts with terminal and warehouse complexes;
  • location in the main cargo transshipment centers: ports Vostochny, Vladivostok.

Shipping cargo in a universal container greatly simplifies the organization of multimodal transportation. It takes less time to reload cargo from one type of transport to another or to the terminal, the safety of the cargo is ensured on the whole route, customs clearance is much faster.


As a rule, short-distance cargo delivery and medium-distance cargo delivery are carried by truck.

In regions with a well-developed highway system such transportation competes in cost with rail.

In addition, they have the advantage of mobility – the car can be provided to the customers place of loading and sent to the destination at any time.

And, of course, autotransport is a mandatory part of “door to door” delivery.

In the process of organization of autotransportation of containers and general cargo we provide with:

  • assessment of the volume and specificity of the goods, the option of method of transportation (in the container, Ref-section, in the indoor or outdoor body) and the calculation of the need for vehicles;
  • calculation of route and schedule;
  • preparation of transport documentation for export-import cargo and its customs clearance;
  • cargo insurance;
  • execution of rigging and loading and unloading operations;
  • packing / repacking of cargo and other related services.

The consignor can choose the individual items or the whole range of services. If he choose the whole range, there will be no need to contact with many contractors and spend extra time and money.


The railway is the best way to deliver large consignments over long distances. The history of our company began with railway forwarding, and today we are called one of the most qualified specialists in this service sector of transportation in the Far East.

Long-term cooperation with operators and owners of the rolling stock, communication with various divisions of the railway companies, knowledge of features of railway infrastructure not only in the Far East region, but also throughout Russia, the CIS and the European Union, and also knowledge of all nuances of rules of the Russian Railways allow us to solve questions about fast cargo delivery.

We have experience of delivering various types of cargoes by all types of trains (tank-wagon, isothermal wagon, gondola -wagon, etc.). However, rail transportation of containers is in the greatest demand today.

The use of such a universal unit of cargo as a container speeds up the process of loading, unloading, processing and formation of trains, simplifies the preparation of transport documentation and generally reduces the time of transit. Of course, all this has a positive effect on the cost of transportation.

The idea that transportation by rail is a long process is now outdated. Urgent delivery of goods by this mode of transport became possible after specialized container trains appeared. Such trains go from point “A” to point “B” without reformatting at transit hubs, they are provided with special schedules. As a result, transit time is reduced by 2-4 times compared to the delivery of conventional trains. The geography of container train routes has expanded significantly over the past two years, and new offers from transport companies appear constantly.

“Vedtransservis” provides its customers with transportation of cargo by container train:

  • through Russia:

from ports: Vostochny, Vladivostok, Nakhodka, Vanino, from Khabarovsk in the direction-Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Kaliningrad, Bratsk, Ust-Ilimsk and back; from the Central part of the country in the direction of the Black sea ports and stations, industrial centers in Siberia;

  • on international lines:

from far Eastern ports in the direction – Buslovskaya (border crossing to Finland), Brest (Belarus); from Baltic ports – to Kazakhstan, Central Asian States, Afghanistan and China by container train “Baltic-Transit”; on routes Beijing – Moscow – Beijing, Berlin – Moscow – Berlin (“West wind”) and others.

Moreover, we can form container trains on our own, thereby accelerating the already accelerated delivery of containers.


Sometimes delivery of products should be carried out in a few hours. It is, for example, perishable foods, expensive or fragile goods, emergency orders, etc. In such cases, we offer our customers air cargo.

It is possible to deliver cargo by regular airlines or freight of a separate aircraft with an individual route. The point of departure and arrival can be both Russian and foreign airport. There are no restrictions on the types of products. If necessary, we can arrange air transportation of even dangerous goods.

Air transportation services include:

  • assessment of the volume and specificity of the goods, offering the optimal type of aircraft and route;
  • preparation and approval schemes of placement and fastening of cargo;
  • preparation of transport documentation (export/import cargo), customs clearance;
  • cargo insurance;
  • delivery of cargo “from the door” to the airport, from the airport of arrival – to the specified address;
  • execution of rigging and loading and unloading operations;
  • packing / repacking of cargo and other services.


In the development of trade and economic relations between Russia and the industrial leaders of Southeast Asia (China, Japan and Korea) there are medium and small businesses alongside large companies. It means that for some shippers it is not possible to complete the full container. We have taken care about the interests of such customers, and we offer them a LCL service.

Cargo space is filled completely with small batches of various goods of different senders. As a result, due to the effective usage of the container volume for each of the participants, the cost of delivery is reduced but all the advantages of container transportation are available – the speed of transshipment, the availability of various types of transport with «door-to-door delivery» and others.

When we organize this service we provide the following processes:

  • consolidation of consignments in warehouses and terminals of ports of China, Japan, Korea;
  • sorting products and determining the best option stuffing of containers;
  • coordination of cargo placement, route and schedule with the shipper;
  • loading operations;
  • packing/re-packing and marking of goods;
  • cargo insurance;
  • preparation of transport documentation;
  • customs clearance procedure.

Special attention should be paid to the last point. Each consignment of goods in the container may have a different HS code. In this regard, tariffs for payment of customs duties will be different for them. Therefore, the registration of the entire cargo in this case is impossible in contrast to the full containers. Even at the moment of acquisition of consolidated cargo, we achieve the correct definition of the HS code for each consignment of goods and competent preparation of accompanying documentation, which help to the fastest customs clearance.

Vedtransservis – is a full-cycle transport and logistics company, which is one of the ten largest companies in the market of transportation in the Far East and in the Asia-Pacific region. There are many companies in the field of forwarding, but shippers choose us to get quality service and to get a reliable partner for their business.