The countries of the Asia-Pacific region are demonstrating the rapid growth in trade against of the economic crisis in Europe and stagnation in the US. They offer industrial goods, food, various equipment and machinery to the world market.

Not by accident, the issue of forming sustainable logistics chains between this region and the main consumer in the European Union, America and Russia is being discussed at the highest level today. At the same time the most perspective direction of international transportation is container. Because it is very simple to speed up the carrying of container-goods across the state border. Relevant regulations and decisions are already being taken in APEC countries, and similar documents are already being prepared in Russia.

The routes of international transportation of general cargo and containers, which have developed in our region today, are more often transshipped in ports of the Far East and carried through the territory of the Russian Federation. The main places of departure are the seaports of China, Japan and South Korea. “Vedtransservis” has been successfully working in this direction; we have also mastered the organization of export of cargo from Russia to the countries of South-East Asia.

The development of global logistics chain and advent of new services expand the opportunities of participants in the international market of transport services. And “Vedtransservis” broadcasts these opportunities to its customers. In particular we are ready to organize the delivery of goods from one foreign country to another foreign country also with a route around the territory of the Russian Federation.

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