In the development of trade and economic relations between Russia and the industrial leaders of Southeast Asia (China, Japan and Korea) there are medium and small businesses alongside large companies. It means that for some shippers it is not possible to complete the full container. We have taken care about the interests of such customers, and we offer them a LCL service.

Cargo space is filled completely with small batches of various goods of different senders. As a result, due to the effective usage of the container volume for each of the participants, the cost of delivery is reduced but all the advantages of container transportation are available – the speed of transshipment, the availability of various types of transport with door-to-door delivery and others.

When we organize this service we provide the following processes:

  • consolidation of consignments in warehouses and terminals of ports of China, Japan, Korea;
  • sorting products and determining the best option stuffing of containers;
  • coordination of cargo placement, route and schedule with the shipper;
  • loading operations;
  • packing/re-packing and marking of goods;
  • cargo insurance;
  • preparation of transport documentation;
  • customs clearance procedure.

Special attention should be paid to the last point. Each consignment of goods in the container may have a different HS code. In this regard, tariffs for payment of customs duties will be different for them. Therefore, the registration of the entire cargo in this case is impossible in contrast to the full containers. Even at the moment of acquisition of consolidated cargo, we achieve the correct definition of the HS code for each consignment of goods and competent preparation of accompanying documentation, which help to the fastest customs clearance.

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