Oversized and heavy cargoes include: road, building and agricultural machinery; industrial equipment; metal structures, reinforced concrete products, metal products; boats, yachts and other large-size and heavy-tonnage cargo.

The complexity of the delivery of such goods is due to their size. It is necessary to develop the individual scheme of placement and fastening on vehicles for each party. Besides, transportation of oversized and heavy cargo is regulated by instructions approved by the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation and other agencies. And they require special permits (for example, in traffic police units) and the preparation of other additional documentation.

Organization of delivery of project cargo refers to the «aerobatics» of forwarding. This is when the cargo has such weight and size parameters, in which it is impossible to transport by General-purpose vehicles. For example, these are industrial installation weighing over 100 tons, parts of structures, equipment, and machinery. Project cargo can consist of one oversized unit or fuzzy set. In the process of transportation, it is often necessary to solve not only logistical problems, but also engineering ones – to raise power lines, strengthen bridges, build temporary crossings, etc. Only highly professional teams of specialists who know how to think outside the box can organize this.

“Vedtransservis” has experience with such difficult cargoes. For example, our company delivered from China to the Novosibirsk region equipment for the world’s largest plant for the production of high-capacity lithium-ion batteries.

In this process we supply:

  • estimate the parameters of the cargo;
  • selection of vehicle, equipment for loading and unloading, according to the tonnage capacity and volume capacity of the vehicle;
  • development and coordination of schemes of placement and fastening of goods on the vehicle;
  • development of the optimal route and preparation of project documentation for its approval;
  • registration of necessary permits for transportation of oversized, heavy cargo; coordination of transportation with the traffic police, police and other special services;
  • preparation of all transport documentation, customs clearance (export-import cargo); cargo insurance;
  • organization of rigging and loading and unloading operations.
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